Welcome to Angelic Light and Guidance

I believe that the Angels and the Universe have plans for us all and have brought you here, ready to accept assistance and guidance. 

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Covering a selection of topics which include Spiritual and psychic advancement, working with cosmic beings, ascended masters and the Archangels, including those of a more advanced energy in line with the rapidly changing energies we’re all experiencing.

Digital Mandalas will be created specifically for each session, with your own complimentary download available. 

Sessions are held bi-weekly on Monday evenings between 7.30-9 pm UK time and include access to the Whatsapp group for support between sessions

Each session will be recorded, including meditation for replay.

£22 a session or purchase 5 sessions for £88 

[This is an ongoing programme with 2024 dates to be confirmed]

I’m Amber and I’m here to help you!

I believe that the Angels and the Universe have plans for us all and have brought you here to my site. The services I provide are life-enhancing, especially when you are ready to accept assistance and guidance (though often the messages are repeated up until we start to do so!)

I can advise you on how to incorporate healing energies, sound therapy, crystals and natural essences into your daily life for a sense of wellbeing and peace within. 

My job is to empower you, to show you the true version of yourself, to help build your confidence and connection while offering support and assistance along the way. 


What I Offer


Relax, enhance your connection, raise your vibration and integrate energy to assist your physical being.

Mandalas & Grids

Tools to connect with various energies including Archangels or gain insight into your soul purpose and past lives.


Gain insight into your soul purpose and past lives, along with guidance for the present with a reading.

In this free recorded workshop I will demonstrate how to use a Mandala to attract Abundance. 

You will also receive a free digital copy of the Mandala to use.

What we will cover:

  • How do mandalas work – vibrational medicine and key healing benefits
  • How to use mandalas
  • Creating your own mandalas, using templates
  • Meditation with the mandala
  • How Soul Mandalas work and their benefits
  • Closing comments and gratitude

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What Client's Say...

Amber has such a wonderful healing energy. From the moment we connected she radiates pure love and light. Thank you again Amber for your guidance in helping me move forward in connecting with my higher self 💖🙏💖.
Gail Morgan
I’ve been using Amber’s services monthly for over a year for maintenance, higher wisdom, clearings, and healing! My last session included sound healing in addition to the powerful crystal grids she creates and it was absolutely magnificent! I’ve relistened to the session every night before bed and I can feel the healing taking place in my body and auric field! Her sound healing and voice are purely angelic. I highly highly recommend her - especially to other healers and spiritual teachers!!! I am so grateful for our connection in this lifetime!
Robyn Ringgold
I have been seeing Amber every month for crystal healing for over a year. It is the best feeling in world after a session. My depression lifts. The aches and pains from fibromyalgia ease. I feel so relaxed. Amber is very professional, knowledgeable and intuitive.
Karen Baker

Courses & Workshops

Experiencing the Archangels

Experiencing the Goddesses

Suara Sound Practioner Courses

& many more..!

3-day Online Practitioner Course

Clear, Cleanse, Balance

This enables you to work as a sound practitioner upon completion of your case studies and assessment giving you a full and in-depth understanding of the cleanse clear balance method derived by Debbi Walker you will use the Om, weighted Om and 528 tuning forks forming the foundation for sound therapy courses offered by both myself, Debbi and fellow Suara Sound teachers.

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