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Hello, I'm Amber

I’m Amber and I’m here to help you! 

I believe that the Angels and the Universe have plans for us all and have brought you here to this site. The services I provide are life-enhancing, especially when you are ready to accept assistance and guidance (though often the messages are repeated up until we start to do so!)

I remember speaking to the angels and my guides at a young age, as I got older I shut things off as do many mediums. I dismissed my abilities however during 2006 I started to give myself and a few close friends readings, started to listen to my guidance and started to look into alternative therapies for support in my life. This led me on a journey to discovering who I truly am and a full awakening. I broke my back 20 September 2014, that was the moment when the angels said “Now you need to listen!” and so I did. It became clear that I was being called to step up and to start helping others through my readings and through healing. When angels and the universe start to direct your life you experience a lot of change and essentially a new existence.

I love to learn and truly believe that to be the best teacher is to understand that we are all learning from one another throughout this journey of life. My passion for the Sounds is evident through my teaching and services. I went from walking with a stick for support to being very active and able to walk over 3 miles a day now despite many physical medical diagnoses which would otherwise limit my activity. The Sounds and Angels have assisted me in my spiritual journey and I am proud to be building a beautiful tribe of soul family every day.

If you’d like to learn more please feel free to connect by booking a session or clicking the contact option. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

In love and light…


…Amber xXx

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Services Overview


Relax, enhance your connection, raise your vibration and integrate energy to assist your physical being.

Mandalas & Grids

Tools to connect with various energies including Archangels or gain insight into your soul purpose and past lives.


Gain insight into your soul purpose and past lives, along with guidance for the present with a reading.

Courses & Workshops

Experiencing the Archangels

Experiencing the Goddesses

Suara Sound Practioner Courses

& many more..!

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