I’m Amber and I’m here to help you!

I believe that the Angels and the Universe have plans for us all and have brought you here to my site. The services I provide are life-enhancing, especially when you are ready to accept assistance and guidance (though often the messages are repeated up until we start to do so!)

I can advise you on how to incorporate healing energies, sound therapy, crystals and natural essences into your daily life for a sense of wellbeing and peace within. 

My job is to empower you, to show you the true version of yourself, to help build your confidence and connection while offering support and assistance along the way. 


What I Offer


Relax, enhance your connection, raise your vibration and integrate energy to assist your physical being.

Mandalas & Grids

Tools to connect with various energies including Archangels or gain insight into your soul purpose and past lives.


Gain insight into your soul purpose and past lives, along with guidance for the present with a reading.