Cleanse Clear Balance

Tuning Fork Practitioner Course

This enables you to work as a sound practitioner upon completion of your case studies and assessment giving you a full and in-depth understanding of the cleanse clear balance method derived by Debbi Walker you will use the Om, weighted Om and 528 tuning forks forming the foundation for sound therapy courses offered by both myself, Debbi and fellow Suara Sound teachers.

How things work

This is training is held online

Day 1 – 25 June 10am-5pm

Day 2 –  2nd July 10am-5pm

Day 3 – 9 July 10am-5pm

With plenty of breaks and time for practice away from the screen!

The forks we use:

OM Unweighted

OM Weighted

528 HZ

Using these energies you learn both a self practice and a modality which can be used to assist others with their healing journeys. When I started my journey with the forks I was walking with a stick, taking prescription painkillers and struggling mobility wise. With the help of these amazing tools I no longer have the stick and I rarely take even over the counter remedies. This system was life changing for me!

A bit more about the Forks...

OM - Unweighted & Weighted

Clear quartz of the tuning fork world, can be used in any way and for any purpose. Grounding yet connecting, a must have for your toolkit.

The OM is the amplifier for all the other forks when doing a sound healing. It is the Universal sound of life and I feel it is the heartbeat of the Earth. It connects us to the Universal consciousness. Healing using the OM can be very relaxing and meditative.” – Debbi Walker

528 HZ

Universal love, love heals in the most beautiful of ways

What Debbi Walker has to say on the healing properties of the 528 Tuning Forks:

The 528hz tuning fork is one of the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies, the Tone is MI (528 Hz) (Universal Love, Transformation and Miracles). The Latin interpretation is Mira gestorum

As the 528 frequency is part of the Sacred Solfeggio scale, my feeling is the frequencies of these healing codes have been here since the beginning of time. This is why the human body ‘gets and absorbs’ them. “In the beginning was the ‘word’” John 1:1.

Dr Len Harowitz has done extensive research on this frequency. Find it This frequency is a great ‘first aid’ fork, especially for the body.

The Investment

This full 3-day training costs £399

In order to partake, you will need the unweighted OM, weighted OM and 528 tuning forks preferably in the Violet Ray  (additional cost)

Instalments by arrangement

Interested in Joining?

We would love for you to join us on these 3 dates: 25 June, 2 July, 9 July 2022. 

If you have any questions, then please get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course held?

The sessions are held live on Zoom between 10am and 5pm with plenty of opportunities for breaks and time away from the screen. 

How does this course qualify me?

This course qualifies you as a Suara Sound Tuning Fork Healing Practitioner, upon completion of case studies and assessment. 

Can anyone do this?

You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge with Tuning Forks. The course can stand alone or slot in nicely with other healing modalities.

How can I get started?

To join the course, please get in touch with me here or feel free to book a free discovery call with me here

Can I pay in installments

Yes of course, please get in touch to discuss your options. 

What forks do I need?

We recommend using the Suara Sound Violet Ray Cleanse Clear Balance Tuning Forks for optimum results. These can be purchased through me, so please get in touch. 

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