Session 1 –

Setting yourself up for Success – Introductory session where we set goals and intentions for the course!

Session 2 –

Identifying where it all began
How did your negative food habits start? What do they look like to you?
Healing meditation to release and rewire

Session 3 –

Emotional Eating part 1 – looking at the emotions of eating

Session 4 –

Emotional Eating part 2 – looking at the eating emotions

Session 5 –

Mindfulness – techniques to practice and make habits

Session 6 –

Movement and Motion – we discuss and reflect on what can be a missing link and a challenge for many

Session 7 –

Reset and Review Session including a Full Group Healing

Session 8 – 12 –

This will be confirmed by week 7 in order to tailor for the group and cover any additional challenges

Behind the programme...

Having struggled with food since childhood I found myself yo-yo dieting, at times obsessed with the scales and having a love hate relationship with eating. When stress hit my life I used to reach for food and would pile on the pounds very quickly. Over the last 2 years I’ve been working on rewiring my brain, healing the inner pain and taming inner demons surrounding food. In the last year and a half I’ve lost 5 stone and still losing weight even during the stress of losing my daughter in July and my father end of October. These are times when normally I would be putting weight on within the shortest periods of time. A comfort eater who ate my way through losing my sister and then my mum. I’m so glad I found the techniques I will share with you in this programme. 

Here is me 5 stone down...

Amber home

Ready to join the programme?

Join us for the 12-week programme of Finding FULL-filment from within.

The first session is held on 1st January at 9pm UK time but a recording will be available.

The following sessions are held each Thursday at 8pm UK time weekly until 21st March.

Recordings of every session will be available if you cannot attend.

Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional, any lifestyle changes should be considered with the relevant medical advice from a qualified professional. I am not liable for any injuries or medical issues arising during or after this programme. If you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder in the past this may not be an appropriate programme for you due to potentially triggering topics and discussions. This programme may assist in attaining and or maintaining a healthy weight however is not specifically designed as an eating guide or weight loss programme.