What is your focus? 

If you would like to focus on Spiritual Development then perhaps my Group Development Experiences or Personal Development packages are your preference?

Do you feel blocked, out of balance or simply in need of a reset? One of my Healing Packages will be able to help get you on track!

Are you looking for a tool you can use to find yourself, your higher purpose and reconnect within? My Soul Mandala Package may be for you.

If you’d simply like some guidance then book a reading via Zoom.

Perhaps you would like to learn how to be a Sound Practitioner – here are my Sound Therapy Practitioner Course options.

If you’re unsure what you need and would like to discuss options, or if you’d like to book several packages then please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what will work best for your needs. I may also be able to offer a discount where you are taking several packages/courses.

Services Overview


Relax, enhance your connection, raise your vibration and integrate energy to assist your physical being.

Mandalas & Grids

Tools to connect with various energies including Archangels or gain insight into your soul purpose and past lives.


Gain insight into your soul purpose and past lives, along with guidance for the present with a reading.

How things work

All sessions are held online via Zoom with healings and guidance tailored to what you need in your life right now. 

Courses & Workshops

Experiencing the Archangels

Experiencing the Goddesses

Suara Sound Practioner Courses

& many more..!


Whether you are searching for relaxation, restoration or rejuvenation there is a healing session which suits your needs. Let’s put you first, take some time for yourself while space is held for you and the magic of the healing takes place.

Distance Healing Packages

Sound Healing

Bringing you into a sense of calm and stillness while you listen to the beautiful tones and vibrations via your Zoom call. As this is a recorded session you can also drift off to dreamland with your audio long into the future. Bliss!

Crystal Healing

Focusing on your needs, the crystals are selected and used to assist you. This is a distance healing which can be at a set time or created to take place and called in at your leisure.

Reiki Healing

Reiki looks at the flow of energy within the body to clear blockages and bring balance. This is offered as distance healing through Zoom or remotely at a given time. 

Bespoke healing package

When we connect I may feel that a combination of healing modalities will suit you best, we can put together something which covers your exact needs and requirements at this time. 

Book your healing...

 Blocks of multiple sessions are available with discounts.  Payment plans are available on request.  


You will receive digital photographs of a crystal grid put together for you. When ordering you may add in the comments any specific requirement however you may also leave this blank so that the grid is simply for your highest good.

Bespoke & Channelled Mandalas

These are multiple options available and can be browsed and purchased via Etsy.

Please enquire for further information or details on your own personal Soul Mandala and grid too! This helps you connect to your Higher Self and Soul Purpose!


All readings are from my Guides, the Angels, Ascended Masters and any Higher energies wishing to connect. While I do connect with Spirit this is not guaranteed.  

As with all my services, discounts are available for regular clients and where I am guided to offer a reduced fee. Please message me rather than leave this site because the rates are out of your reach.  The energy exchange is as guided however exceptions are made when appropriate.

Choose from...

Reading – Earthly (Short) £33

For those who wish to have specific life journey guidance.

Reading – Earthly (Full) £77

For those who wish to have specific life journey guidance.

Reading – Soul £77

This is a reading at a higher level and tends to be focused on life and soul purpose.

Reading – Past life £77

Do you wish to know about your past lives and how they impact your current life?

Book your reading

Bespoke Packages

Tuning into what you need, we create you a tailored package using a combination of offerings, to ensure you get the most out of us working together to support you. 

I often combine packages which include readings, healing, sound

Group Experiences

Group experiences are a way to experience development in a shared journey. From working with Archangels and Goddesses over a number of weeks to one-off retreat days both online and in-person there’s something to suit everyone. 

Cleanse Clear Balance

This enables you to work as a sound practitioner upon completion of your case studies and assessment giving you a full and in-depth understanding of the cleanse clear balance method derived by Debbi Walker you will use the Om, weighted Om and 528 tuning forks forming the foundation for sound therapy courses offered by both myself, Debbi and fellow Suara Sound teachers. 

Archangel Harmony Tuning Fork Practitioner Course

Would you like to connect with or deepen your connection with Angels while working towards a certifiable healing modality? Combining a healing technique with the frequency of angels… assisting with your spiritual development while being supported through and after by your teacher? 

Held in-person in the UK & online

Please get in touch for the next dates 

Experiencing the Archangels

11-week online programme of connecting to 9 Archangels, self & spiritual development during the programme, free gift in the physical of Angel themed goodies! Improve your connection to the Archangels and your own guides, along with boosting your self-confidence in your psychic abilities.

Experiencing the Goddesses

Time to reclaim your own inner power and wisdom, tap into the energy of the Goddesses as you move through your own personal journey of self-discovery and learn what it truly means to be empowered!

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