“I was very nervous to do an on-line zoom course, I find it hard to open up and communicate but even more so on-line. Amber was very encouraging and so I gave it a go as the Archangel course is something I was interested in for some time. I’m so glad I did! On the very first day I lost my fur baby, I was exhausted and upset, Amber talked me into attending that meeting, I was very reluctant but the meditation was beautiful and the energies she bought in helped me, it gave me a little relief. The whole course was 11 weeks and what a journey, the clearing and releasing was the most challenging, sometimes I experienced detox like symptoms and other times it was a more emotional release but the meditations were so healing and the experiences and communications were incredible, all wrapped up in the expert guidance from Amber and the loving support from the other group members. This truly is an experience I will never forget. My closer connection to the angels will help strengthen my holistic therapies for others and lighten and elevate my own self practices. I truly cannot recommend this course enough. Thank you Amber”

- Claire Shaw

“This course completely lifted my spirits. I have always considered myself spiritual but I was a beginner when it came to working with the angels. I really enjoyed learning about the different angels and then working with them every week. The signs I have been receiving since I started the course have been so comforting and a complete testament to the work that you do. I feel more in control of my life and confident in the fact that I’m never alone. I’m also grateful for meeting all the other lovely ladies and loved sharing this journey with them. Thank you for leading and guiding me. You have given me the greatest lifelong gift: the knowledge of how to connect and call upon the angels, and I will never forget that. 🙏🏼❤️

- Catherine Richter

“Thank you so much for taking us on this journey. I have always connected with the angels and have some of the angels on our walls throughout our house but I think I had forgotten to ask them to help. I feel much more connected, enlightened and in alignment after doing the course. The meditations you have taken us on have been amazing and powerful. I have found them extremely helpful, especially in challenging situations. Amber gives unconditional from her heart and the support is always there no matter what is going on in her life. I cannot recommend this course enough no matter where you are on your spiritual path. It’s life changing. Amber is a earth angel and now we have her as our pocket angel. Thank you Amber ❤️💕🥰🙏xxx”

- Denise Marsden

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